Saving the planet is something we all know about but how can we help? We can all make a huge difference by making  'eco friendly' + sustainability part of our daily routine. Being 'Green' should not be seen as just a 'trendy' thing to be but more of a way of life in this modern world. So do it now........ not tomorrow! 

With government grants being available for insulation, and solar energy, each household can do their own little bit to help. Professionals like Architects in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Manchester, Sheffield, York and throughout the UK, should advise their clients from the outset.

Here's just a few very simple and effective energy saving methods, to make your environment more ecological and sustainable:

Water butts, rain harvesters and water meters.

A water meter will encourage you to be frugal. A harvester will filter roof water for the WC and other household uses, like watering plants - not for drinking! A system will set you back approx £400 - £2k (You'll reduce your bills by 50%). The garden butt starts from around £28, and will slash the cost of watering your garden dramatically. Moreover, it will keep the garden alive, despite an impending hosepipe ban. So you'll stop wasting water, and make a few pounds in the bargain.

Used instead of new furniture.

This good practise will save trees, transport, toxic paints and adhesives. And again you will make money by doing the right thing.

Your bathroom.

An aerating shower head will cost under £10, and will cut the water heating bills - but not the water pressure. For under twenty pounds you can update your old WC with a water saving handle that only flushes for as long as you hold the handle down. A totally free and effective technique is to put a brick into the cistern, and the brick displaces the water. A solar energy installation (£2k - £5k for an average 3 bed home) will provide upto 70% of your hot water. Payback is subject to usage.

Solar energy.

In progress..........

Dec 12, 2013 By phil